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Coaching Actors

As an acting coach, Barbara's top desire is to get you to trust your intuition. Past our unconscious defenses. Past any judgments. Back to the super power of unique you, never to be repeated. We ask deeper questions of story, character and self. To embrace rituals of play and curiosity over the rigor of perfection. Savoring joyful creation over the end result obsession. Let's get that inner kid out to play. All we want to see is you in your true, vulnerable integrity.

Barbara is currently available for audition prep, ongoing private coaching and on-set coaching.
Email for booking.

Barbara’s approach has helped me discover places I didn’t even know existed in me. She connects my soul to the work. Her passion and commitment inspire me to become the artist I’ve always wanted to be. Every time we meet I leave with profound, invigorating energy towards my dreams. 

~Diego Escobar~

Barbara has tremendously helped me with my acting. It was when I started working with her that my acting transformed. She has helped me get to places where I feel fully connected with the characters I play. Barbara's training style heightens the energy of the scene, and my awareness of myself as the character. Her approach inspires me to be creative with my impulses and choices.

~Cleo Magill~


Barbara sees who you truly are, and what you bring to the table as an actor - what you may not even see yourself. I’ve been pleasantly surprised the performances she’s gotten out of me. (Not to mention I’ve booked by working with her!) She’s also one of the most dynamic actors I’ve ever seen on stage and on camera. So I know I’m working with someone who is in the arena with me, rather than just sitting back at a safe distance.

~Teresa Valenza~

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