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Barbara is a huge proponent of the book The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. This 12-week adventure changed her life in large, definitive ways. As she's suggested it to people over the years, many have started it once, twice... Hell, ten times! But they didn’t finish or commit to it all. The reason for these false starts is because we’re doing very provocative work. We often need a little loving support and guidance.

That's why Barbara began an Artist's Way Guided Group Experience. Together, we can recover the freedom in our creativity. Be held accountable in pushing past our limiting beliefs, fears, self-sabotaging ways and onwards. If you're interested for a future session, email

Groups are kept small.

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Above the Clouds
Artist's Spirit Accountability

But what's after the 3-month Artist's Way journey? That inner artist kiddo needs some more help and community along the way. The ASA group is for Artist's Way veterans.

The Artist's Spirit Accountability crew meets weekly on Thursdays 10:30am PST. And each month will be focused on one chapter of

The Artist's Way:

  • Always wanted to have more time with each section?

  • Wanted to do those tasks but take your time?

  • Just looking for like-spirited artists who have walked this AW path too?

All of that. Our path is spiral. Our artistic path does not end. May we commit to enjoying the process, the small steps and the celebration of it all - together.

- The Artist's Spirit Accountability - 

Thursdays 10:30am PST on Zoom

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*Policies for Groups*
Life happens. If you've enrolled and need to drop from a group, let us know 4 days before the listed start date and we're happy to refund your deposit. If you need to delay to a next crew after that time, deposits can be kept on file. Once a spot is taken in a course that's begun, there are no refunds for that current month, but you will not be charged for the rest of the course.

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