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I can't recommend Barbara's Artists Way journey enough. Since taking part in it, I've found myself writing almost every day, drawing more and I've gotten more daring in my work as an actor. I'm more articulate in communicating my feelings, in asking for what I need and in recognizing my worth. Barbara is an amazing teacher and an even more amazing mentor.

~Tyler Alverson~

Like a sonic boom Barbara's Artists Way program will send you into a trajectory of creativity and personal awareness like you never thought possible. Barbara leads the 12 week program with steady, sherpa-like grace, supporting your ascent while giving you space to push through your own adversities to find ultimate growth. Your life will be forever changed!

~Tori Socha Fugarino~

I think there comes a time in everyone's life when you feel stuck and things seem stale. There is no better way to unglue yourself than The Artists Way. But to truly experience it you need a gentle hand to guide you. Barbara is that person. I simply cannot recommend her Artists Way group highly enough. Give your creative soul a gift and change everything.

~Lauren Letherer~

I have owned the book for years and it was not until I joined Barbara's guided group that I was able to commit to opening myself up to it. I feel profoundly changed by it. The support from Barbara and the others in our group has kept me going. So many things I had no idea were holding me back have been uncovered and worked through. I cannot recommend The Artists Way enough and I cannot think of anyone better than Barbara to guide you through the process.

~Brian Patrick Roach~

Barbara's gentle guidance, along with the book and the support of my peers, helped me dig in and find the path to my passion. To my self-worth and self-love. My relationships were strengthened. I got laser focused on my career path and found my love for acting again. If you want a catalyst to spark change and growth in your life, sign up for this class immediately!

~Britt Bowman~

The transformation has been phenomenal for me and I am ever grateful. Barbara's ability to create and hold a safe, nurturing space is really special. I was hesitant coming in and bit by bit my guard came down. Thank you for helping me lean into love, joy, play and flow.

~Jana Wilkes~


Cannot recommend joining Barbara's group enough! What I ended up getting was so much more than I imagined. Barbara's gentleness, honesty and words of wisdom helped me immensely throughout the chapters as I discovered my own ways of self-sabotage. Not only did I bond with amazing, creative humans, I found my voice in my acting and in every aspect of my life. Eternally grateful for Barbara's Artists Way group. Do yourself a favor and do the damn thing.

~Alexandra Barton~

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